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5 Things I Loved In January

Updated: Mar 21

As January comes to a close, I wanted to recap a few awesome resources I’ve found this month! First up…


I found this treasure on Twitter, and was hooked the instant I saw it. This book teaches social justice through poetry, using a different type of poetry on each and every page. The lush illustrations, and personal anecdotes gave me goosebumps for sure!

Let’s hear it for social media, because I heard about this gorgeous book on TikTok! Through this book, children can find out things about kids just like them from the other side of the world - what they eat, what they wear to school, what they do for fun, and more. My fifth graders loved it!


  • This jaw-dropping version of Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech is animated. It is filled with multimedia and allows the reader to compare the written and spoken speech, interacting with historical images. This production includes the actual program of speakers of The March on Washington. I am kind of obsessed with it, and so are my students.

Professional Development!

  • EdCamp - I’m really sorry to tell you this, but you JUST missed the latest EdCamp in Omaha! And, coincidentally, I just attended my first EdCamp! It was fantastic! As someone who doesn’t necessarily consider herself to be a tech wizard, I am happy to report that I felt right at home. The moderators and other attendees don’t pretend to know everything - it truly was a grassroots-type of learning experience. I will definitely put the next ‘camp’ on my schedule!

Local Talent - Podcast

  • Did you know that we have some rockin’ writing talent right here in Omaha? In this episode of the podcast Artist to Artist, you can hear Dr. Todd Robinson, Assistant Professor in the College of Communications, Fine Arts and Media at UNO, interview writer Liz Kay. Kay talks about being a courageous writer and delves into the details of her enchanting book of poetry, The Witch Tells the Story and Makes it True.

That’s all for this month! Thanks for reading!

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